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Our Team

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Sebastian Moftakar

chief executive officer

     Visionary and serial entrepreneur Sebastian “Sebas” Moftakhar is the Founder and President of Los Angeles-based entertainment and hospitality group: 31Ø ONLY. The Southern California native formed the company in 2018 upon the idea bringing people together to creative enjoyable and and unforgettable experiences. Having grown up in Los Angeles, Moftakhar

brings a breadth of experience and networks to 31Ø ONLY. His close-knit industry relationships have stemmed from his professional background and entrepreneurial business affairs. He began reselling sneakers at the age of 12 and co-opened a storefront and music recording studio on Melrose named “The Vault Melrose” at the age of 16. Earlier that year, he founded 31Ø ONLY throwing his first party experience and created the “Instagram Party” trend. In 9th grade, he joined his school’s varsity basketball team and newspaper: The Student Voice. In 10th grade, he co-founded his school’s Business and Entrepreneurship Club and joined UNICEF Club. In the summer going into his senior year of high school, Moftakhar developed a new passion for music management and began focusing on the music business. Today, Moftakhar oversees everything at 31Ø ONLY. He is responsible for the creative development and concept design of each project, as well as strategic partnerships. In addition, Moftakhar manages operations, finance, and business strategy.

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Arian Khalifian

chief Financial officer

      Arian Khalifian is the Chief Financial OffIcer of 31Ø ONLY. He handles the day-to-day management and budgeting for all of our events. Responsible for making everything run smooth and fast, Khalifian oversees employees and workers that are associated with our company. Khalifian started working in the field of real estate at the age of 13. He learned the fundamentals of construction and development. Khalifian has garnished a large reach within the real estate industry of Los Angeles through his projects and uses his knowledge of real estate to assist 31Ø ONLY.


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Grant  Rothman

chief Technology officer

      Grant Rothman is an Entrepreneurial-spirited, pioneering technologist with four years of executive-level experience identifying, qualifying, building consensus for, and implementing enabling technologies and enterprise systems that facilitate business processes and strategic objectives. Grant employs a powerful blend of technology,  vision, and business acumen to create consistent development of powerful business strategies supported by cost-effective, high-performance IT infrastructures and applications.


     The young entrepreneur took his first executive footsteps in 8th grade in the founding of his own auto-buying management firm, Motor Management. As a car fanatic, Rothman built a company to redefine the concept of purchasing a car and transform it into a modern experience, by tailoring each unique purchase to each unique client. Rothman’s proficiency in technology expedites his ability to seek out his passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. His childhood bond with formal technology started with the most basic of HTML coding learned from the local library and tinkering with circuitry. This drive turned to formal, more advanced education and work. Currently Rothman displays proficiency in several programming languages including HTML (UCLA Certified), CSS (NCSA Certified), Java, and Python. Rothman also boasts expertise in cyber security (Cyberpatriot Captain), Robotics, Adobe Photoshop, website building, Excel, Powerpoint, and much more. In addition, Rothman has a high command of Microsoft Office, Website hosting, circuit design, computer building, data structures, and analytics along with heavy instragm and snapchat bot network experience. Today, Rothman manages an ongoing series of innovation initiatives that explore emerging technologies, assess their application to the company, and recommend new strategies and solutions. He is completely in charge of the technology behind 31Ø Only that allows it to run smoothly and a host of other general IT jobs. Rothman also is in charge of all stage technology used at 31Ø Only events including when and how to strategically use each product whether it be lighting, stage CO2 setups, or pyrotechnics.

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Omar Galal

Head of Promotions

     Omar Galal is the face of 31Ø Only’s marketing efforts. Omar’s myriad of marketing and promotional techniques on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok are essential to the company's consistent growth. His expertise and high command of promotional strategy grant 31Ø Only influence over thousands of teenagers in the Los Angeles area. In addition to his breadth of experience in managing promotional campaigns, Omar’s passion for networking and growth employs expansion inside and outside the work realm. 

     In the days leading up to an event, after Omar finishes school for the day, he routinely frequents other high schools across the Los Angeles area to distribute flyers, promote the event, increase attendance, and by extension grow the brand. In addition to marketing, Omar also uses social media platforms to communicate with customers on a daily basis, not only to answer any questions an individual may have, but more importantly to Omar, to build a relationship and deliver an experience. Omar is quintessential to the hospitality present in the company today; He is responsible for making a party into an event, and making a group of teenagers into a hospitality-oriented brand. Omar’s excellence in communication skills and ability to execute create a personal relationship between company and each of the thousands of teenagers 31Ø Only interacts with. As the man of the people, Omar ensures each guest a great time and an unforgettable night. Omar further embodies the passion and hospitality that is 31Ø Only through his mentorship of others. Omar has assembled a team of individuals whom he mentors and teaches in the areas of promotion and marketing execution and strategy. Omar has experience promoting just about every kind of event from birthday parties, to photo shoots, to even the music videos of some of the top artists in the world. Omar is also in charge of creating a strategic theme for each event to drive attendance and make an event more personal to each client.

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