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Onyx Towers

Our headquarters are located on the 11th floor of Onyx Towers, situated right on Wilshire Blvd and provides scenic views on all twenty floors. Despite the work environment, Onyx has also become our signature party venue.


31Ø Only has a three year reputation for providing some of the most legendary parties in the area. 31Ø prides itself on the experience of the customer and ensuring quality and perfection in each aspect of an event.


31Ø Only was founded on the desire of a small group of high school students to innovate and change the social world around them to encourage safety and inclusivity.


Performers usually pay 31Ø Only to perform at our events due to the large amount of exposure they receive and the connections they gain to label executives. Two of our previous performers have now signed record deals right after preforming at our event.

Real Estate

Real Estate venues play an essential role in hospitality because having the right location is crucial. We have connected with brokers in Los Angeles to help us find properties such as office buildings, warehouses, and street-level storefronts for lease or sale to host events.


Artists and other notable figures frequent 31Ø Only events. As a group we look to collaborate as much as possible, to provide an experience unmatched by any other party. Some of our previous collaborations have been with Lil Baby, Rich the Kid, Yung Kayo, and more. 310 also strives to work with many exclusive nightclubs in LA, including The Doheny Room, The Nightingale, and The Argyle.

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